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Quality, eco-sustainability, local culture, respect for tradition, growth, technological development, support for scientific research.

The ethical principles and values that Villa Matilde represents are inscribed in its history and in the growth of the winery itself.

The crucial importance of quality is the first rule. Villa Matilde concentrates on breed; it does not produce endless lines of wines, but elite wines appreciated by those who love wine. Yet, the noble characteristics of the grapes grown here and the highest possible quality standards translate into wine prices that are highly competitive compared to other wineries’ similar offerings.

Tradition and innovation

In 2009, the Anno Internazionale del Pianeta Terra (International Year of Planet earth), Villa Matilde launched its “Zero Emissions” project, a comprehensive programme of environmental sustainability, with the objective of progressively reducing greenhouse gasses and of producing wine in an eco-compatible way.

The project addressed the totality of the winery’s production and management activities through a series of integrated interventions, ranging from work in the vineyards to final distribution. The first actions were directed at water recovery and electrical savings, achieved through an overall facility recalibration and the exploitation of alternative energy sources.
Villa Matilde currently operates with a composite system of solar panels with the partial support of a traditional electrical grid. The use of alternative energy is one of the project’s key features.  339 solar panels were installed on six of the winery buildings --without harming the overall harmony of the landscape--, capable of producing 100,00 kw of clean energy per year, thus avoiding the emission of 73 tonnes of CO2 per year.
Particular attention is being paid to reusing the irrigation and cleaning water. Highly-insulating construction materials are being used, and preference given to natural ventilation systems to reduce electrical consumption. All of the winery buildings have been painted with a special white paint to compensate for global warming and the consequent greenhouse effect, and new trees have been planted to increase oxygen emission. All of the farm machinery is low-fuel consumption and can run on bio-diesel, while the winery equipment is electrical. No less important is the bio-mass produced by the winery. Recover, re-cycle, and re-use are today key words of Villa Matilde’s production philosophy, infusing with sensitivity processes ranging from initial steps of production to waste collection, selection of packaging and communication materials.



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